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What Are the Benefits of Partnering With the Blood-Brain Barrier Summit?

The Blood-Brain Barrier Summit is the only industry-focused meeting dedicated to helping CNS drug developers successfully deliver drugs to their targets.

We’ll work with you to build a bespoke partnership package focused on making valuable connections and generating actionable leads to ensure you meet your 2021 commercial objectives in this new digital reality.

This event will host the field's most important thought-leaders and stakeholders and has been designed to help them overcome their challenges faced during their CNS drug delivery research. In doing so, the Blood-Brain Barrier Summit provides you with the platform to:

Showcase your high-quality preclinical blood-brain barrier models and novel model innovations to improve the translatability of preclinical research

Introduce the latest drug delivery devices to show the potential for successful administration

Establish your preclinical and clinical trial design experience to improve the translatability and predictability of preclinical drug delivery research

Demonstrate how your blood-brain barrier technology can help to deliver targeted therapeutics safely and efficiently across the blood-brain barrier

Reveal how your technology platform may improve the efficiency and accuracy of drug develop

Validate your advances in quantifying drug-target engagement to the CNS drug delivery community

At the Blood-Brain Barrier Summit, there are a vast number of targeted online learning and networking opportunities which will help you improve your understanding of the CNS drug delivery landscape and make the right connections with the field’s most active pharma and biotechs.

For more information on how you can embrace the virtual landscape to meet your 2021 commercial objectives, please get in touch.

Who Attends the Blood-Brain Barrier Summit?

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